1 O God of boundless hope,     
we need your Spirit’s power;
creation’s crisis deepens with 
each passing hour.
So make us strong
to speak your word,
and make it heard,
and right what’s wrong.

2 Too many suffer now
from fire and wind and rain,
as livelihoods and homes are lost
and hope seems vain.
Will we ignore
all those who strive
just to survive, 
and close our door?

3 The world is changing fast
and warming year by year;
a tipping point is close,
the time to act is here.
We’ll work and pray;
as nature bleeds
we’ll sow the seeds
of hope today.

4 Together we will walk                                 
the new way you reveal;
our planet cries from wounds                     ‘ 
that love alone can heal.
Inspire us, Lord,
to give and care, 
that all may share
your earth restored.

Author: Brian Davis

CCL# 7184570