1 Now we sing a harvest song,
clear and joyful, loud and strong;
think of bread and think of meat,
think of all we have to eat;
all God's gifts to us in love,
earth and rain and sun above,
thank you, God, for all you give,
thank you, God, by whom we live.

2 Now we sing a sadder song
of injustice, hunger, wrong;
those with not enough to eat,
suffering every sort of need.
they've no home, no work, no pay,
scraping through from day to day.
Do they thank you that they live?
Thank you, God, that we can give.

3 As we sing our harvest song,
clear and joyful, loud and strong,
help us, Father, now to see
how to set those people free;
how to share the gifts you give
so that they may also live,
so the harvest song may sound
to your praise the earth around.

Alex Mitchell
© Mrs Alex Mitchell/Jubilate Hymns
7 7 7 7 D Trochaic

CCL# 969126