After Psalms 11 and 12

1 Mighty God, our only refuge,
keep us safe from harm, we pray,
when the voice of fear is urging:
flee to safety while you may!
Lord of love, our firm foundation,
be our guide in all we do:
in this age of shifting values
help us still to follow you.

2 God of heaven, ever watchful,
you survey the world you made,
every violent crime uncovered,
every hidden fault displayed.
As the helpless are tormented
you can hear their anguished cries -
how we yearn for your deliverance
from this tangled web of lies.

3 May we shelter in the promise
of your words, profoundly pure,
rescued out of sin and folly
in your home to stay secure.
Unrepentant we would perish -
God of mercy, give us grace
to be meek, and act with justice
till we see you face to face! 

8 7 8 7 D Trochaic
suggested tune: NETTLETON

words © Emma Turl / Jubilate

CCL# 7217454