1 Love, with dawning day,
you impress your way,
softly steeling, stirring action,
cooling anger and distraction;
soothe our nerve and fear
by your presence here.

2 Love, when life is hard,
when the world is scarred,
you enkindle our affection,
re-establish your reflection,
when the war is strong
and the day is long. 

3 Love, as evening falls,
come within our walls,
calming dreams and dismal powers
through the long and silent hours,
as we take our rest,
undisturbed and blessed. 

4 Love, as years draw on
and our days are gone,
though decaying minds forget you
may our beating hearts address you;
bring us home to stay
in eternal day.


words © Adam Carlill / Jubilate,
administered by Jubilate Hymns Ltd,