1 Lord, will you turn from your anger and hear me?
Guilt and remorse are the burdens I bear;
When I acknowledge my sin and my folly,
show your compassion, your love and your care.

2 Lord, though my friends and companions desert me;
you will not leave me I know you are near.
Hear my deep sighing, and see my great sorrow
you know each secret, each longing, each fear.

3 Lord, will you answer with words of forgiveness?
Then shall my joy and my peace be restored:
faithful redeemer and God of all comfort,
you are my saviour, my king and my Lord!

After Psalm 38, Mollie Knight (1917 - 1993)
© The Representatives of the late Mollie Knight / Jubilate Hymns
11 10 11 10 Dactylic

CCL# 4050883