1 Longing for a hope-filled morning, 
kingdom of the Son, draw near!
Waiting for the day soon dawning,
light of love that casts out fear.
Dayspring, come from heav’n, in lowly birth,
come to warm this cold, dark earth. 

2 Sorrow through the world is sweeping,
bitter conflict rages still,
heaven hears its children weeping: 
price of humankind’s freewill. 
Come, O Prince of Peace, in lowly birth,
come to mend this broken earth. 

3 Reaching out through human history, 
bring your scattered children home, 
such an act of love! What mystery: 
God appears in flesh and bone. 
Come, Emmanuel, in lowly birth,
show how heaven embraces earth. 


words © Ally Barrett / Jubilate
administered by Jubilate Hymns Ltd