1 Let us love and sing and wonder;
let us praise the Saviour's name!
He has hushed the law's loud thunder;
he has quenched Mount Sinai's flame:
he has freed us by his blood;
he has brought us near to God.

2 Let us love the Lord who bought us,
dying for our rebel race,
called us by his word and taught us
by the Spirit of his grace:
he has freed us by his blood;
he presents our souls to God.

3 Let us sing, though fierce temptation
threatens hard to drag us down;
for the Lord, our strong salvation,
holds in view the conqueror's crown:
he who freed us by his blood
soon will bring us home to God.

4 Let us wonder; he has suffered
see what God in Christ has done!
Debts are paid, and mercy offered;
love and justice meet as one:
he who freed us by his blood
has secured our peace with God.

5 Let us praise, and join the chorus
of the saints enthroned on high;
here they trusted him before us
now their praises fill the sky;
'You have freed us by your blood,
you are worthy, Lamb of God!'

Verses 1-3 and 5 John Newton (1725 - 1807)

Verse 4 Christopher M Idle (born 1938)
© Christopher M Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 3286177