1 When Jesus knelt at Judas’ feet,
the gracious Lord already knew
the darkness of the traitor’s heart,
the evil deed he planned to do.

2 Could there have been a change of mind
when Jesus knelt at Judas’ feet
or, later, told him to be quick –      
his challenge potent, yet discreet?

3 Was any doubt or guilt or shame 
betrayed on the betrayer’s face
when Jesus knelt at Judas’ feet
with towel and basin, offering grace?

4 Let my heart now be probed and washed,
until the cleansing is complete
from all such schemes as marred that hour
when Jesus knelt at Judas’ feet.

words © Martin Leckebusch / Jubilate
admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 7232696