1 See how a woman shows
devotion to her Lord:
a jar of costly, fragrant spice;
what less can love afford?
She breaks the jar, and with that scent
her love is poured.
2 What now will that man do
whose cunning plans are laid,
who in his bitter, twisted dreams
sees Jesus sold, betrayed?
A price is named to set a trap:
the deal is made.
3 For hostile leaders mean
to use the power they wield:
who knows the depths of jealous thought
by darkened hearts concealed?
They think that by their subtle schemes
his fate is sealed!

4 And so the cross looms large: 
the sense of crisis grows,
yet none of his disciples grasps
what Jesus truly knows:
he will accept the costly path
the Father chose.
5 And I, where shall I stand
to watch these scenes unfold?
Will my devotion bloom and blaze,
or shrivel and grow cold?
Lord, search my heart: will I be true?
Will my love hold?

words © Martin Leckebusch / Jubilate
music © Peter Burton / Jubilate
admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 7232699