1 Jesus, Redeemer, Mary's child,
endue me with your humble spirit!
I live, by mercy reconciled,
and all your work of grace inherit.

2 You come to me from heights of glory,
for me you tread this earthly road;
you know and share my human story,
and show me how to love like God.
Jesus, Redeemer!

3 Jesus, Redeemer, closest friend,
surround me with your tender loving!
From my beginning to my end
you lead me on,
your mercy proving.

4 Beneath your Cross I stand forgiven,
where from my sins I find release
and gain the first sure step to heaven
and taste the promise of your peace:
Jesus, Redeemer!

5 Jesus, Redeemer, holy Lord,
enthrall me with your perfect beauty!
I see your face, I hear your word,
your will becomes my joyful duty.

6 You brave the hurt this world devises
to die for one unkind, untrue;
yet from your tomb the new day rises
and I shall rise to reign with you:
Jesus, Redeemer!

Michael Perry (1942 - 1996)
© Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns Ltd