1 Jesus is our refuge,
he is with us always,
coming to our rescue,
and so we will not fear.
Though the mountains tremble,
and though the earth is shaking,
our saviour will redeem us,
our Lord is coming near.

2 See the mighty river
flowing from God's city,
blessings from the glory,
the place where Jesus reigns
Nations are in uproar,
the people faint from terror,
but Jesus Christ is coming
and he will break our chains!

3 Come and see the wonders
he will do from heaven,
ending all aggression
and bringing peace to birth.
Everyone will see him
and bow before their master;
for he will be exalted
and praised through all the earth.

Michael Perry (1942 - 1996)
© Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns
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