1 I've found my refuge in the Lord;
how can you say to me,
'Flee to the mountains like a bird,
for in the shadows, see:
there, ready armed, the wicked hide,
to assail the upright few;
when life's foundations are destroyed,
what can the righteous do?'

2 The Lord is in his holy place
upon his heavenly throne;
his eye is on the human race,
our very thoughts are known.
The Lord sees what the righteous do:
their faith and life he tests;
he sees the men of violence, too,
and those his soul detests.

3 Upon the wicked he will rain
his searing fires of death,
as when the cities of the plain
were withered by his breath.
For God the Lord loves righteousness,
a righteous God is he;
and those who walk in holiness
his holy face shall see.

David G Preston (born 1939) from Psalm 11
© David Preston/Jubilate Hymns Ltd