1 In silence my soul is waiting,
Is waiting for God alone,
Deliverance from Him is coming
My rescuer, fort and rock
In silence my soul is waiting
Secure, I shall not be moved.

2 You set on a man and beat him,
The pack of you knock him down,
As a tottering wall he staggers,
Subsides like a sagging fence.

3 You plot for his undermining,
You slander him with your lies,
You love, with faint praise, to damn him
Sweet - tongued, you've a curse - filled heart.

4 Be silent, my soul, in waiting,
In waiting for God alone,
Assurance from Him is coming
My rescuer, fort and rock.

5 There's safety in God, and honour,
My refuge, my rock, my strength,
So hide in our God, you people,
And pour out your hearts to Him.

6 Just puffs of the wind, the people,
Great men are illusions, all,
As breath in the air, they're measured
Then, weightless, they fade away.

7 Don't trust, then, in cruel extortion,
Don't plunder, defraud and steal,
Don't set your heart on possessions,
Especially if they increase.

8 Uniquely, our God has spoken
Of two things I've heard Him speak
He's the source of power and mercy,
To men He repays their deeds.

Paraphrase of Psalm 62, Michael Saward (born 1932)
© Michael Saward/Jubilate Hymns
8 7 8 7 8 7 Amphibrachic/Iambic