I saw the Holy City,
descending as a bride
to meet her glorious Bridegroom,
resplendent side by side.
No more shall there be sorrow,
no more shall there be pain:
the former things have passed away,
the Lord has come to reign,
the Alpha and the Omega,
Beginning and the End:
his words of life shall feed us,
our Saviour and our friend.

I saw the Holy City
Where everything was new
And worshipped God, the Father
Whose promises are true.
The thirsty there drank freely;
his love filled every heart,
and God the Holy Spirit
gave life to every part.
With death and sadness ended,
the reign of God brings peace:
there songs of praise and gladness
shall sound and never cease.

Christopher Porteous (b.1935)
© Christopher Porteous / admin. The Jubilate Group
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