The sick woman: Luke 8. 44
I met the Lord,
the crowd pressed hard and cruel;
I touched his robe, and I was healed;
then he, the Truth, this truth revealed:
'It is your faith
that made you whole.'

The disciples: Luke 24. 13
We met the Lord:
a stranger on our way
who taught us things we did not know,
and, breaking bread, began to show
our faithless eyes
that it was he.

The child: John 6. 9
I met the Lord,
gave him the best I had,
my loaves and fish: I had no more,
yet what I gave, the plain and poor,
he took and blessed,
and all were fed.

St Paul: Acts 9. 3
I met the Lord,
the Lord I so reviled;
I went, Damascus drawing near,
then came a light, a blinding fear,
then it was Christ,
and love prevailed.

We meet the Lord
when self defers to soul,
when sense looks out beyond the known
and calls to Christ, for Christ alone,
in faith alone,
will make us whole.

Paul Wigmore

© Paul Wigmore / The Jubilate Group
Suggested tune: COULSTON

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