1 Great God of wisdom, loving yet all-seeing!
No friend on earth could know our hearts like you.
Your searching gaze can reach our inmost being,
and in response we long to know you too.
Through our self-will, we all without exemption
had lost the right to seek you face to face;
but your dear Son, who came for our redemption,
restored the fellowship that's ours by grace.

2 We love you, Lord, though from our eyes you're hidden;
we know your generous care in countless ways.
In times of stress, your joy wells up unbidden;
your strength and hope help us through all our days.
This fallen world, through which we walk as strangers,
will try to squeeze our lives into its mould;
yet though we face distractions, doubts and dangers,
our longing to obey, you will uphold.

3 There soon will come a day when clouds are lifted,
and humankind must bow to you alone.
In that clear dawn, our whole perspective shifted,
we'll fully know as we've been fully known.
Unchanging Father, source of every creature,
Lord Jesus Christ, our saviour and our king,
life-breathing Spirit, comforter and teacher:
eternal God, your praises now we sing.

Christine Symes
© Christine Symes / admin The Jubilate Group
11 10 11 10 D
Suggested tune: LONDONDERRY AIR