1 God, creation comes from you,
praise and glory are your due;
through your Son all things were made
and your splendour is displayed.
thank you for the nights and days,
for the stars on which we gaze,
sun to warm and give us light,
moon to keep earth's rhythms right.

2 Earth proclaims your mighty hand
in the air and sea and land -
deserts, forests, rivers, streams,
snowflakes, rain and sunlight beams;
for the life-forms that abound,
for the joys of light and sound,
for the wonders that amaze
we now bring our heartfelt praise.

3 *For the apes and yaks and hares,
horses, donkeys, polar bears;
for the goats, the sheep, the whales,
and the monkeys with their tails;
for the camel and the sow,
for the chicken, bee and cow,
for the sparrow, eagle, dove,
for the dogs and cats we love.

4 For the animals, our friends,
on whom much of life depends,
for the fish within the sea,
birds of beauty flying free.
You created humankind,
gave us body, spirit, mind,
breathed in us your living breath,
promised life instead of death.

5 Lord, forgive us for our sin;
we have harmed the world we're in,
teach us all your gifts to share
that the poor may not despair.
then, as children of new birth,
in new heavens and new earth
we will worship, hearts ablaze,
joining in creation's praise,
joining in creation's praise.


Michael Baughen (b. 1930)
© Michael Baughen, administered by The Jubilate Group

CCL# 7004717