1 Forty days and forty nights
you were fasting in the wild;
forty days and forty nights
tempted and yet undefiled.

2 Burning heat throughout the day,
bitter cold when light had fled;
prowling beasts around your way,
stones your pillow, earth your bed.

3 Shall not we your trials share,
learn your discipline of will;
and with you by fast and prayer
wrestle with the powers of hell?

4 So if Satan, pressing hard,
soul and body would destroy:
Christ who conquered, be our guard;
give to us the victor's joy.

5 Saviour, may we hear your voice
keep us constant at your side;
and with you we shall rejoice
at the eternal Eastertide.

Jubilate Hymns version of Forty days and forty nights George H Smyttan (1822 - 1870)
© Jubilate Hymns Ltd
7 7 7 7 Trochaic

NB the piano score is a different arrangement from the lyric video

CCL# 1041177