1 For distant clouds that drift across the sky;
for birds that wheel in flight above the trees;
for flower-petals, dancing on the wind;
and for your Spirit's whisper on the breeze:
for holy breath and water, fire and word,
for all that shows your love we thank you, Lord

2 For ocean currents and cascading waves;
for health and hope your gift of water brings;
for waterfalls that tumble, rush and splash;
and for your Spirit's never-failing springs:
for holy breath ...

3 For sunlight: crimson sunset, blazing noon;
for hidden depths where lava boils and churns;
for lamplight, homely, welcoming and warm;
and for your Spirit's flame, the touch that burns:
for holy breath ...

4 For words of power that challenge and inspire;
for wisdom's jewels, with insights old and new;
for kindness in a friend's familiar voice;
and for your Spirit's prompting, sharp and true:
for holy breath ...

Martin E Leckebusch
© Martin E Leckebusch, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 10 10 10 10 refrain 10 10

CCL# 7051536