1 Come let us all with one accord,
hail the birthday of our Lord,
with hymns of glory, songs of praise,
Jesus child, to you we raise.

2 A stable room was where he lay,
ox and ass were there to stay;
beneath the bright stars in the sky,
lowly our nativity.

3 Glad shepherds came to view this sight,
sent by angels, gleaming white;
the hosts of heaven with one accord
praised our holy, infant Lord.

4 Three kings, they travelled from afar,
led and guided by a star
which gave them light upon their way
till they came to where he lay.

5 Rejoice all you who hear this song,
every person join the throng;
the angels did the theme prolong -
'peace, goodwill for ever.'

Author unknown
© Copyright control

Suggested tune: BIRTHDAY CAROL