1 Come to God’s table, for all is prepared,
the bread that we offer is broken and shared,
Christ's presence among us is food for the soul,
reviving, renewing, and making us whole.

2 Come to God’s table, and drink of the wine,
the blood of the Saviour, in mystery divine,
the cup of salvation both priceless and free,
transforming God's people to all we can be.

3 Come to God’s table, we come as we are,
we bring all the burdens we've carried so far,
in body, in spirit, in soul, mind and heart,
to feed on the grace only God can impart.

4 Come to God’s table! then go in God’s grace
to hold all the earth in a heav'nly embrace,
sent out in the Spirit to tend and to care
in thought, word and action, our life is our prayer. 

words © Ally Barrett / Jubilate
administered by Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 7142925