1 Christian, do you hear the Lord?
Jesus speaks his gracious word;
gently sounds the saviour's call,
'Do you love me best of all?'

2 'I delivered you when bound,
and when bleeding, healed your wound;
saw you wandering, set you right,
turned your darkness into light.'

3 'Can a mother's tenderness
for her own dear child grow less?
Though she may forgetful be,
you are always dear to me.'

4 'Mine is an unchanging love,
higher than the heights above,
deeper than the depths beneath,
free and faithful, strong as death.'

5 'You shall see my glory soon,
when the work of grace is done;
crowned with splendour you shall be:
Christian, come and follow me!'

6 Lord, it is my chief complaint
that my love is weak and faint;
yet I love you, and adore
O for grace to love you more!

Jubilate Hymns version of 'Hark, my soul, it is the Lord', by William Cowper (1731 - 1800)
© Jubilate Hymns Ltd
7 7 7 7 Trochaic


CCL# 1046426