1. As daylight fades to grey, time slows down.
I look back on this day and trace your presence now.
For all you've done, seen, unseen,
I'll treasure in my sleeping.

2. Those I have met today, friends I know;
strangers and family I bring before you now,
for every one, weak and strong
are treasured in your keeping.

3. Lord, where those anxious thoughts fill my mind,
where words taste bitter now and hurt is left behind.
Lord, grant your peace and forgive;
my treasure is your healing.

4. When night gives way to dawn, I may face
hard choices to be made or 'just another day'.
But God is here, Lord of all;
our treasure is you with us.

Words & Music © Geraldine and Carey Luce/LuceMusic.London, Administered by The Jubilate Group