After Psalm 68

1 Arise, O God, in wind and fire
while foes retreat before the blaze;
and let the humble all rejoice,
their songs re-echoing your praise.
You make a home for lonely folk,
protecting widows from distress –
a champion for exploited slaves
and father to the fatherless.

2 As once you set your people free
to gain the land of promise, Lord,
where harvests yielded fruit and grain,
where truth was welcomed, peace restored:
so now we thank you for your Son 
who breaks apart the snares of guilt: 
he died to bring us liberty,
and lives to see a kingdom built.

3 We see your beauty in the skies,
we hear your thunder booming loud,
our songs of joy resound to you
great God of splendour, veiled in cloud.
Your Spirit, poured in love and power,
equips the church to serve and pray,
to worship our ascended King,
the risen Christ who reigns today. 

Emma Turl

8 8 8 8 D

Suggested tune: St Patrick

words © Emma Turl / Jubilate
administered by Jubilate Hymns Ltd

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