1 Why in the dawning of another day
does evil pierce the beauty we would see;
when from the never-failing grace of God
comes strength to make us flourish like a tree?

2 Why through the glory of another day
comes razor-sharp the tongue that would destroy;
when God, who at a word made all the earth,
would be our certain stronghold and our joy?

3 Why at the evening of another day
should boasting pride debase the good and pure;
when God himself has blessed the contrite heart
and blessing, made the soul's redemption sure?

4 O God, cast out the sin that kills the soul,
that brings your whole creation into shame:
and I through brightest day and darkest night
with all the saints will praise your holy name!

After Psalm 52, Paul Wigmore (born 1925)
© Paul Wigmore/Jubilate Hymns
10 10 10 10 Iambic

CCL# 961076