The leaves on the tree in the forest
change from golden to brown in the Fall,
for the love of our God never changes
he is Father and Lord of us all.
He brings comfort to those who are weary,
on his goodness and grace we depend;
for the love of the Lord never ceases
and the mercies he gives never end.

When the night of our sorrow brings sadness
and our troubles seem harder to bear
then he knows of our pain and our anguish
as we search for his mercy in prayer.
But the darkness of death he has conquered
and the touch of his hand will be there;
for the love of the Lord never ceases
as we trust in his comfort and care.

The harvest of life is in heaven
where the mercy of God will be shown.
Through the death of his Son came forgiveness
when he took all our sin as his own.
For he knows of our fears and our worries
and we share them in faith and in prayer;
for the love of the Lord never ceases
and his presence will always be there.

Christopher Porteous b 1935
© Christopher Porteous / Jubilate Hymns

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