1 Spirit of God, you know my inmost being;
all of my life is open to your sight;
help me to take to heart your probing counsel;
help me to yield to love's all-searching light.

2 My love, I know, is rarely what it should be;
my joy is all too shallow at its best;
my peace is fragile as a flower's petals;
my patience crumbles at the slightest test;

3 Self-interest haunts my kindness and my goodness;
seldom is true integrity my goal;
I lack my humble, gentle Lord's demeanour;
old habits undermine my self-control.

4 Spirit of God, beyond the flaws and failures
you know the person Christ would have me be.
Come, plough and prune, and make me fit for service;
come, plant and nurture your good fruit in me.

Martin E. Leckebusch
Metre: 11 10 11 10

(c) Martin E. Leckebusch/admin.The Jubilate Group

CCL# 7084048