1 O Lord, the mansions where you dwell
are overflowing with your love;
while here on earth my soul knows well
of lasting joy in heaven above.

2 And, Lord, my heart and flesh cry out
in longing for that holy place;
an end to sorrow, sin and doubt,
the revelation of your face.

3 One day within your courts, O Lord,
one day set free from every fear,
one day with your dear name adored
is better than a thousand here.

4 For those, O Lord, who trust in you:
direct their eyes to see your ways,
their heart to love, their hands to do,
their head to bow, their lips to praise.

After Psalm 84, Paul Wigmore (born 1925)
© Paul Wigmore/Jubilate Hymns

CCL# 1050869