1 O let the Church rejoice
in God our saviour's grace,
for it is good to voice
his all-deserving praise:
Sing alleluia, praise the Lord
he builds his church and spreads his word!

2 Our God commands the storm
and sends the warming breeze;
he can within us form
a life of joy and peace.

3 He makes the meadow flower,
the clouds, the wind and rain;
the humble, by his power
he'll lovingly sustain.

4 The broken - hearted sigh
he bears their guilt and shame;
like numbered stars on high
he knows them all by name.

5 Hope in the Lord above
he will provide our needs;
trust his unfailing love
praise all his gracious deeds!

After Psalm 147, Barbara Woollett (born 1937)
© Barbara Woollett/Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 1020978