1 Not so very far
for not so very long,
Jesus was the star and the song.
But not so widely seen
and not so clearly known,
Jesus wasn't keen on a throne.

2 None too friendly powers
with none too subtle plans;
Jesus met his hour - what a man!
With not such brilliant friends,
a not too gentle crowd;
surely it's the end? Cry aloud! FINISHED!

3 When the world's in darkness
with a God who fails,
we only see the point of the nails;
but with the flesh ripped open
and the blood gushed out,
can we see the point of the shout? FINISHED!

4 Not the trend today,
and not so very smooth,
walking in the way of his truth.
But not so very strange,
this dying to be free;
nothing much has changed only me.

(not finished yet ...)

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
vv 1,2 and 4: 5 6 8. 6 6 8.

CCL# 3812369