1 Lord, you have seen your church's needs;
our clamour you have heard:
at every point make known your mind;
apply to us your word.

2 When leaders argue, workers fail,
and faithful saints lose heart,
grant to us all your peace, your strength;
your love to us impart.

3 When illness strikes or loss invades
or ranks are thinned by death,
then come among us with new hope
and with reviving breath.

4 When Christians are in rival groups
and churches torn by strife,
make us repent, be reconciled,
and so restored to life.

5 We plead, O Christ, that when you come
you will find faith on earth;
one church awakened by one truth,
alive by one new birth.

Christopher Idle from Philippians 1 and 2
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3061811