1. Listen to the message that the angels bring,
telling frightened shepherds of a newborn King:
'Glory to God in heaven,
peace to the earth is given,
Christ is born, Christ is born.'

2. Listen to the shepherds as they shout for joy:
'Let us go to Bethlehem and see this boy.
He brings us all salvation -
give him your adoration -
Christ is born! Christ is born!'

3. In the stable wondering shepherds kneel in awe,
gazing at the holy baby in the straw,
'Is this the one who's given?
Yes, he's the King of heaven!
Christ is born! Christ is born!'

4. Join the happy shepherds as they all rejoice,
shout and sing and praise him with your heart and voice.
Born of a humble mother,
Jesus, our friend and brother,
Christ is King, Christ is King!

David Iliff

© David Iliff / Jubilate Hymns



CCL# 5007024