1 We gather here as when you were not with us,
as when you died, and death then hid you from us. 
Our hearts still ache, remembering how you left us;              
oh, how we love you.
2 You gathered us, you called us to be with you;
you taught us, fed and healed us, drew us to you.      
You sent us out so all the world might know you;
oh, how you loved us.
3 You showed us God; the light of life was in you.
Yet you took all our pain and grief upon you.
We should have died with you, yet we betrayed you;
you died to save us.
4 We gather still and find you are among us,
who, by your cross, redeem and reconcile us.
In word and silence graciously you meet us;
so we adore you.

words © Donald Wetherick / Jubilate
admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 7232701