1 O Christ, I kneel before your cross
with empty hands and downcast face,
for my rebellious ways have caused
your mortal wounds, this searing pain.
Devotion to my foolish dreams,
my vanity, my heart of stone
have nailed you, broken, to these beams
to bear this agony alone.

2 Yet, should I dare to lift my gaze
and catch your anguished, tear-filled eye,
what triumph would adorn your face? 
You seal my pardon for all time.
As you release your final breath,
your spirit, to the Father’s will,
my life is ransomed by your death;
eternal plan of love, fulfilled.

3. (4-line instrumental)
Oh, may I ever cherish, Lord,   
your sacrifice of love, divine,
that wins my heart to be your own, 
and seals my pardon for all time.

words © Keiko Ying / Jubilate
music © Dave Forrey / Jubilate
admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 7232528