1 Jesus whose glory, name and praise
resound from every shore,
the King who reigns in righteousness,
enthroned for evermore!
This we believe and sing and know,
for by this faith we live;
and yet our flame burns small and low,
so few his grace receive!

2 Where are the Saviour's just rewards,
why is our fire so dim?
So loud our praise of lesser lords,
so faint our songs for him!
And if I search into my heart
to find some signs of grace,
with idols I have filled each part,
proud self in every place.

3 Jesus! on earth you found that few
would follow and obey;
our world attacked and murdered you,
or simply turned away.
Heaven may have no tears for us,
no pain or loss to bear;
but your deep wounds at one grim cross
have won our welcome there.

4 Glorious, though scarred by nail and thorn,
once low, now high above;
our King who suffered curse and scorn,
whose kingdom is your love:
Jesus whose praise is in your death,
whose blood your name displays,
grant us to sound in every breath
your glory, name and praise.

Suggested Tune: NATIVITY

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3808799