How widely now does Christ stretch out his arms
to welcome all who take him at his word;
how gracious he
who makes us free
from sin that ever separates and harms
our union with each other and our Lord.

How low he stoops; he tends our thirsting soul
and gently bids us drink from his deep well;
how tender he
who reaches me
and fills me with his love and makes me whole
to stand afresh and all his goodness tell.

So loud our praise to Christ shall be today
that angels shall relent and let us sing
to Christ our Lord
and he, adored,
will hear our song and know we homage pay -
that all we are, and have, to him we bring.

Paul Wigmore
set to the tune EDINGTON [John Barnard]
10 10 4 4 10 10
© Paul Wigmore / Jubilate Hymns

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