He walked by the river where the crowds had gone
for the word of the Lord from a man named John;
his path would be taking him where no man trod,
for John said, 'This is the Lamb of God!'
Come, see the sacrificial Lamb,
Son of the Father, the One I AM!
But no-one heard the prophecy of death
they called him Jesus of Nazareth.

He walked into Galilee to shine God's light,
and the sunrise dawned on the people of the night.
He healed their diseases and he raised their dead;
'The kingdom of God has arrived!' he said.
Come near, and listen to his word;
no-one is like him, he must be heard:
and those who come he never turns away,
so come to meet him and come today.

He walked to Jerusalem, the road of pain,
and they spat at the king and they laughed at his reign:
they gave him a reed and a robe and a crown;
he gave to them his life laid down.
Come, look - he's hanging from a tree!
Look in the Scriptures - come and see;
to bear our sins he bled and died:
but the tomb where they laid him is open wide!

He walked to the hill where the olives grew
and he left us a gift and some travelling to do:
'My Spirit will come, my power will bless,
and you will be my witnesses.'
Come, trust in everything he says
turn to the Saviour, and change your ways;
you'll always find his promises are true
when you love the Lord who has first loved you.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle / Jubilate Hymns
Suggested tune: SHAKER TUNE

CCL# 3804559