1 Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the God of grace and peace
we bless his name whose blessings still
to earth and heaven increase.

2 Destined in love to be his own
and all his plans fulfil,
who more than we should celebrate
the purpose of his will?

3 Freed by the blood of Christ, who once
stood trial in our place,
spurred on by love, should we not tell
the riches of his grace?

4 Raised by our life-creating God,
our hope, our rock and tower,
believers find by surging strength
the greatness of his power.

5 Stamped with the Holy Spirit's seal,
our owner's mark and claim,
by one ambition we are moved:
the glory of his name.

6 God who in Christ poured out his heart,
to us his mind made known
he will in Christ, creation's Lord,
bring all things into one.

Christopher Idle from Ephesians 1
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd