1 Far greater than great and more loving than love,
much closer than close is our God on the move;
far higher than high and much deeper than deep,
far louder than tempests, more silent than sleep.

2 More glorious than glory, far better than good,
more homely than clothes and more filling than food;
more lovely than starlight, more needful than milk,
more massive than mountains yet softer than silk.

3 If we are not up to it, what does that prove?
Our God has come down to it, such is his love!
For down to our world he has come in his grace,
down for us, to meet us and speak to our face.

4 And nearer than seeing and hearing is he,
for with us and in us we find him to be,
and over and under, around and beside,
more living than life is the Lord who has died.

5 But how shall we know if these things can be true?
For some lean on old gods and some run to new.
It's only the Spirit whose power can reveal
that God is our Father and Jesus is real.

6 Lord Jesus, we want to be part of your scene!
We pray it, then find that we always have been;
before we existed, you called us your own,
and when it's all over, we've hardly begun.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
11. 11. 11. 11 (6 5. 6 5. D)

CCL# 3800797