1 Before the heaven and earth
were made by God's decree,
the Son of God all-glorious dwelt
in God's eternity.

2 Though in the form of God
and rich beyond compare,
he did not stay to grasp his prize;
nor did he linger there.

3 From heights of heaven he came
to this world full of sin,
to meet with hunger, hatred, hell,
our life, our love to win.

4 The Son became true Man
and took a servant's role;
with lowliness and selfless love
he came, to make us whole.

5 Obedient to his death
that death upon a cross!,
No son had ever shown such love,
nor father known such loss.

6 To him enthroned on high,
by angel hosts adored,
all knees shall bow, and tongues confess
that Jesus Christ is Lord.

After The Song of Christ's Glory (Philippians 2) , Brian Black (born 1926)
© Brian Black and Word & Music / admin The Jubilate Group

CCL# 2646488