1 Amid a world of pain and war,
we find our hope in you alone;
we pray that your transforming love
will turn to flesh our hearts of stone.

2 When nations rise to fight their cause
and bombs are heard throughout the night,
we ask for help, for hope, for rest,
and pray that we might walk in light.

3 As we remember those we’ve lost
and talk of death and sacrifice,
we pray for loved ones left behind
to whom it seems too high a price.

4 When those in power betray our hopes
and disregard the poor and weak,
let words of mercy lead to change:
Lord, may your Holy Spirit speak.

5 Where violence terrifies the earth
and hatred has assumed the throne,
God of the cross, disarm us now,
with the forgiveness you have shown.

6 We look for dawn in darkened skies
and to the day when wars will cease;
we cry to you, O Lord of all
to guide our feet in paths of peace.

Lucy Hannah

© Lucy Hannah/ Jubilate
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