We are inviting submissions from writers everywhere for a new collection of hymns addressing some of the dominant themes of our contemporary world.

  • Social justice

  • Racial equality

  • Mental health

  • Refugee crisis

  • Environment

  • Societal divisions

  • Global pandemic

  • Isolation

  • Truth

The collection will comprise around a dozen new hymns, chosen by the Jubilate editorial team. It will be published on the Jubilate website with scores, recordings and lyric videos. The recordings and videos will also be available on streaming services.

Writers are invited to submit a maximum of two hymns for the project.

Submit your Hymns

“This is one of the most innovative and important projects in the current hymn-writing world. It is sorely needed, and will enrich the contemporary’s Church’s worship in countless ways.”

Revd Professor Jeremy Begbie, Duke University

29 January 2021
The website submissions window opens.

5 April 2021
The website submissions window closes.

April - May 2021
Jubilate editorial team assesses and selects pieces for the collection. This will involve a process of revision in collaboration wih the writer. Tunes may also be commissioned at this stage, where appropriate.

June 2021
The pieces are recorded with a small ensemble of singers and musicians.

September 2021
The new collection is published.

NB: Please also read the rules for submission.

1. How do I submit material?

The submissions system will appear on this page from 17 February.

2. Are you looking for 'hymns' or 'songs'?

To some extent this is an artificial divide. But to clarify, this particular project is aimed at metrical hymn style with a regular metre, which could include a more contemporary hymn style. It could have a refrain, but not extended passages of irregular metre. We particularly want to encourage careful crafting of lyrics, and a regular metre can be a helpful framework for depth of content. It also makes the new texts more accessible to churches who may choose to sing them to tunes they know well. 

3. Can I submit something I've already written?

The aim is for completely new material, with words that are a response to the realities of our current world. However, there is still the possibility of a recently written or re-worked piece being included if it seems to address the contemporary situation well. Please note we are  looking for new hymns, not material that has already been published.

4. Who am I writing for?

Jubilate hymns are accessed in the majority by people in the UK, though there are also a siginificant number of overseas subscribers. Consider your use of language and idiom in making the text accessible across English language cultures. 

Your 'ideal' congregation may well impact the style of writing. A hymn for a group of people with a strong interest in an issue may well sound different to one for a community that doesn't currently sing these kinds of themes. Likewise, a hymn with very contemporary language may have a short life but a significant impact, while one covering current themes in classic language could have a more lasting appeal.

5. Can I collaborate with another writer?

This is always encouraged. You are also welcome to recommend existing tunes for your text, though these should ideally be public domain or Jubilate copyright.

6. Can I choose another contemporary issue to write about?

Yes, you are free to submit hymns on other relevant themes, but be aware that with limited space the editorial panel may prioritise those themes on the original list.

7. Any other guidance?

a) We're generally looking for hymns on one theme, not all of them at once.

b) Contemporary issues are often complex and evolving. If you are not an expert - most of us are not - take time to research a topic carefully before writing about it.

c) Consider what might be a distinctively Christian approach or understanding of the issue; avoid simply writing a contemporary commentary. It can be very helpful to look at the language used by Christian organisations involved in the area you are covering.

d) Remember that part of the hymnwriter's role is to invite participation in the hymn. Balance the desire to persuade people of your viewpoint with the need to bring them along for the journey. Remember there are many things on which Christians all agree, but some others where a more nuanced approach may be needed! 

You can find more general guidance on what Jubilate is looking for in hymn submissions on the Information for Potential Writers page.

Submit your Hymns