We finally have the results of Jubilate's Hymns for Our Contemporary World project!

It's been a very difficult selection process, for good reasons! We received 119 entries, with many strong texts and a variety of contemporary themes. Our assessment teams have eventually come up with the following selections for the final collection, to be recorded next month, published in September and available via the Jubilate website: 

O God of boundless hope - Brian Davis

When our lives are empty, aching - Donald Wetherick

Look Down, O Lord, and See - Laurie F. Gauger

Redeemer and Lord of the earth - Christopher Idle

O God of strength and everlasting kindness - Lucy Hannah Mills

Look On My Heart - Kate Bluett/Keiko Ying

We are called to welcome strangers - Simon Hancock/Sheena Evans

Prayer for our nation - Rosamund Dakin

You came to raise the last and least - Ally Barrett

Will We See Christ? - Fiona Lloyd

You made a universe so full of wonder - Ally Barrett

A thousand voices clamour - Martin Leckebusch

Congratulations to all the writers concerned, and well done to all who sent in texts. We are currently in the process of agreeing final versions of the selected texts, and writing/matching tunes ready for the recording. 

Do look out for all the new pieces in September!

Roger Peach, Jubilate Editorial Co-ordinator,

E: roger@jubilate.co.uk   W: www.jubilate.co.uk


Hymns for Our Contemporary World: a new collection of hymns addressing some of the dominant themes of our contemporary world.

  • Social justice

  • Racial equality

  • Mental health

  • Refugee crisis

  • Environment

  • Societal divisions

  • Global pandemic

  • Isolation

  • Truth

The collection will comprise around a dozen new hymns, chosen by the Jubilate editorial team. It will be published on the Jubilate website with scores, recordings and lyric videos. The recordings and videos will also be available on streaming services.

“This is one of the most innovative and important projects in the current hymn-writing world. It is sorely needed, and will enrich the contemporary’s Church’s worship in countless ways.”

Revd Professor Jeremy Begbie, Duke University

29 January 2021
The website submissions window opens.

5 April 2021
The website submissions window closes.

April - June 2021
Jubilate editorial team assesses and selects pieces for the collection. This will involve a process of revision in collaboration wih the writer. Tunes may also be commissioned at this stage, where appropriate.

July 2021
The pieces are recorded with a small ensemble of singers and musicians.

September 2021
The new collection is published.