I The brightness of God's glory
and the image of God's being,
the heir of richest majesty,
the arm of regal might;
creator of the universe
all-knowing and all-seeing
is Christ who brings forgiveness
and the lifting of our night.

2 Far greater than the angels
is the author of salvation,
begotten of his Father's love
before all time began;
our offering of righteousness,
our refuge from temptation,
one hope in all our sufferings
is Christ, the Son of Man.

3 How awesome is his perfect life
unending and unbroken,
how faultless are his judgements
and how faithful is his word!
Then hear, repent and worship him,
obey, for God has spoken,
receive his Holy Spirit
and acknowledge Christ as Lord!

After Hebrews 1, Michael Perry (1942 - 1996)
© Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 3854224