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This earth belongs to God

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1 This earth belongs to God,
the world, its wealth, and all its people;
he formed the waters wide
and fashioned every sea and shore.
Who may go up the hill of the Lord
and stand in the place of holiness?
Only the one whose heart is pure,
whose hands and lips are clean.

... (continues)

Publications in which this lyric appears

Related Biblical passages

  • Genesis 1:01-10;
  • Psalms 118:1-2,19-29;
  • Psalms 8:9;
  • Psalms 15:01-3;
  • Psalms 024PP:all;
  • Haggai 2:06-9;
  • Matthew 5:8;
  • John 17:03-5;
  • John 13:31-32;
  • 1 Corinthians 2:8;
  • James 2:1;

Theme(s) of this lyric

  • Ascension;
  • Cross;
  • Earth, soil, ground;
  • Gate, gates;
  • Holy;
  • Love of God, Christ;
  • Purity of heart and mind;
  • Victory;
  • Water;