The Jubilate Group

Words and music for worship

Free access to hundreds of contemporary hymns and arrangements by a group of the UK's leading Christian composers and writers.

The Jubilate Trust

Shortly after its foundation in November 1980, Jubilate Hymns Ltd was linked to the newly-formed Jubilate Hymns Charitable Trust, set up in May 1981, whose purpose has been to distribute its income (chiefly drawn from such of the company's profits as the directrs agree to transfer to the Trust) 'among such charitable societies, objects, or purposes as the Trustees think fit.' They have a particular regard to developing the skills of 'writers and composers of Christian hymns and songs.'

The original Trustees were Michael Baughen, Michael Saward, Michael Perry and David Wilson. Michael Perry died in 1996. Michael Baughen and David Wilson resigned in 2001 and were replaced by Steve James and Noël Tredinnick.

The current Trustees are Martin Leckebusch, Steve James, and Noël Tredinnick.