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Free access to hundreds of contemporary hymns and arrangements by a group of the UK's leading Christian composers and writers.

About the Jubilate Group

Jubilate seeks to promote the use of quality words and music in worship in churches across the world. In its early days background it was involved with a number of ground-breaking publications publications; now its primary focus is on website resources. With more than 1500 texts and over 800 tunes covering a wide range of styles and subjects. Jubilate administers the copyrights of many of the UK’s leading composers and writers writers . 

The last few years have seen the emergence of an exciting new project – a group of British worship-song writers, seeking to resource the church with heartfelt, crafted, accessible worship songs.   

Jubilate also has a charitable arm The Jubilate Trust which aims to support Christian hymn-writers and song-writers.

Register now for free access to hundreds of hymns and songs written in recent years by many of the UK’s leading Christian composers and writers.

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